Speaking at the Mastering Manhood Conference: 6 Figure Salaries, 7 Figure Hearts: Giving Back while Finding Fulfillment

Join me on September 24, 2017 at the Austin Community College Eastview Campus for the Mastering Manhood Conference!

The purpose of the Mastering Manhood Conference is to empower males for personal and professional development. We seek to inspire and encourage men to embrace community, responsibility, family, education and legacy. To challenge and strengthen our men and young men to be better leaders. You can see the speaker lineup at: http://masteringmanhoodatx.com.

I will be speaking on: 6 Figure Salaries, 7 Figure Hearts: Giving Back while Finding Fulfillment.

Once you are able to exceed past your goals and achieve all the milestones you desire, how do you incorporate Philanthropy into your life? As you are building your empire, how does giving back help grow your ambitions, passions, but most importantly your heart? Learn from accomplished entrepreneur, philanthropist, and world traveler Brian Fontenot on how building the BLF Foundation while managing other endeavors unlocked not only huge success for himself personally, but helped to find something richer than gold: total fulfillment in his purpose. Learn strategies to give back on various scales, helping you to become the successful multimillionaire you aspire to be: internally and externally.

Look forward to seeing you there! Please share this out to others!

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