Speaking at the 2018 Equity Summit Presented by ACC Ideal Center

Join me on February 9 & 10, 2018 at the Austin Community College Eastview Campus for 2018 Equity Summit Presented by the ACC Ideal Center

I will be speaking on Unlocking Student Potential: An Educators Guide to Supporting Success.

Join us as we host a conference filled with dialogue and implement actionable steps for more equitable institutions, enlightened educators and informed community members.

Austin Community College is taking an intentional approach to find solutions to inequity challenges while addressing systemic and institutional inequity. In February 2017, ACC took the first step in a long journey of introspection and reflection to effectively tackle the challenges that we face at the first Equity Summit. This conference was instrumental in bringing faculty, staff, students and members of the community together not only to learn about the history of racism and its impact on the work that we do today, but provided actionable tools to immediately impact change.

The Equity Summit impacted ACC in such a way, charging the institution with the mission of making a larger more sustainable impact this year through our 2-day transformational summit.

Look forward to seeing you there! Please share this to your network!

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