About Brian


Empowering countless companies, students, and communities to harnest technology, advertising, marketing, and traveling experience to help advance our economy, communities, and society.

Driving a world of efficiency through technology utilization, not just adaption. With a concentrated effort to have technology empower people, rather than people empower technology, we can reach heights no one has experienced.

  • Failure only exists when there is no reflection of past errors that can lead to future successes
  • Time is the great resource that cannot be wasted
  • Every day presents a new opportunity to amaze yourself and the world around you with what you can accomplish
  • Communication, with active listening skills and open mindedness, cures everything

“While you may have success, you still have the ability to amplify your success and reach new heights! Raise the goal, not the standard.”

Brian L. Fontenot is an accomplished technology entrepreneur, philanthropist, world traveler, and public speaker.


Fontenot advises companies on leveraging technology and effective advertising and marketing to boost employee efficiency and morale, increase company’s bottom lines, and connecting various businesses to customers they currently do not reach through traditional advertising and marketing channels. Fontenot has worked for top-tier corporations and entrepreneurs providing sales, technical and procurement training support to increase technology uses and workflows. Fontenot has also served a key advisor in redefining brand images for countless companies.


Fontenot is an active member of the Austin start-up and innovation scene, providing thought-leadership and technical support for globally renowned technology and entrepreneurship conferences.


Fontenot is active in the greater Austin Community, through his 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on helping create emotionally intelligent, critical thinking college graduates that successfully transition into their careers and lead by example at various companies. Fontenot also offers annual scholarships to help reward academic excellence and encourage servant leadership to minority students. Fontenot is also active through various civic affiliations throughout the country.

My Initiatives

Changing countless companies, college students, and community member's lives through various companies and organizations I have founded and currently manage.

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